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This is where you can download special programs or custom DAT files for Hokutens Server.
If you dont have the custom DAT files you will not be able to see the NPC the correct way.
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Map Pack

Post#1 » Sat Oct 03, 2015 7:03 pm

This map pack is the same as Apradar, It just overwrites the maps in game to the detailed maps.


Map pack Download
Once downloaded, Extract the file.rar to the desktop.

Open the folder as well as your C:\program files (x86)\PlayOnline\Final Fantasy XI\ folder.

Once both locations are side by side, copy the extracted Rom folders to the /Final Fantasy XI directory.

It is important to not drag and drop into another folder. The best thing to do is to drop it below the other folders. You should get a message like the following:
"would you like to copy and replace the file (at the bottom of the message box, click the square box, to do it for all files)

Say yes to replace all files... If it asks you for administrator click Continue. It should be replacing something like 600 files.

Once complete you are all set. Your maps will now look like "apradar" maps. If you dont know what those look like a simple google search will show you.

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