This is where you can download special programs or custom DAT files for Hokutens Server.
If you dont have the custom DAT files you will not be able to see the NPC the correct way.
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Post#1 » Sat Oct 03, 2015 12:20 pm

Here is Xpadder for anyone interested in using a controller it is currently setup for an xbox controller (just trigger buttons) I was able to map my entire xbox controller in game client but it doesn't register the triggers so I use it just for those two buttons. Also comes in handy when you need to set a turbo button instead of spamming a button. Any other questions, or if I missed something leave a comment.

P.S. MUST BE RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR AND STARTED BEFORE YOU LOGIN. (sometimes it wont detect your controller if the game is already booted up)


Xbox and PS controllers, if needed:
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