How to write Script Macro's

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How to write Script Macro's

Post#1 » Sat Oct 03, 2015 7:19 pm

Script Macro's work like the ones in game. Only difference is you write your macro in a notepad or notepad ++ file and save it in your Windower/Scripts file under programs. You can also find the scripts written for gear on When you go to the page, i usually type like "thf idle" or "blm nuke", and from there you can get idea's about gear with it all ready written out. I like to make a new folder with the 3 letter job name inside the Scripts folder (THF) example: programs/windower4/Scripts/THF/(this is were the notepads go) Example-
input /equip hands "Dusk Gloves";
input /equip body "Aurore Doublet";
input /equip range "Staurobow";
input /equip ear1 "Brutal Earring";
input /equip ear2 "Velocity Earring";
input /ma "Utsusemi: Ni" <me>;

You must use input before anything and close with ;

Inside the game, in the macro space you can write it like this: (for me i write one and copy it to each macro,
and then change the text document name)

/console exec (insert sub-folder name)/(insert file name here).txt; for this example, my macro would
be /console exec THF/ws.txt. If I wanted to use my THF's TP gain macro, I'd use a macro with
/console exec THF/tp.txt in it.
If you need a "/wait" then put that in your game's macro to look like this.
/console exec THF/SA.txt
/wait 1
/console exec THF/ws.txt
For Curing macro's I like to you <stal> This gives the ability to click the macro and then select from the
party menu which player you want to cure.
Example: /console exec WHM/cure4.txt <-- in game) In notepad it will look like this,
input /ma "Cure IV" <stal>;

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