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GM Interaction Survey Form

Post#1 » Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:38 am

Greetings everyone, your friendly neighborhood Community Manager here!

I wanted to let all of you know that we have taken a new step forward and created a GM Interaction Survey Form that can be completed each time you have a full-on interaction with one of our Game Masters! If it be an In-Game Issue, resolved in game, here on the forums, or on Facebook; during an In-Game Event, or even general interactions that really stood out to you, you are now able to let us know how they performed and how they did!

All responses to this survey will be kept 100% confidential. In the event a survey is filled out for Mizzy or Chops, our Server Administrators, the responses will come exclusively to myself. Should one be filled out on me, it will go to them exclusively as well. So no one will ever know who you are except one of us three! GMs will not receive any form response. And the only reason we may contact you would be to go further in depth should an incident occur, or a really bad experience. Outside of that, no GM will know who the survey came from and will be used strictly for professional development.

Below is the link to the survey. Please, be serious with this and fill it out when you feel a GM warrants a survey response. They can be for both positive reasons if they really stood out to you, or negative.

NOTE: At the end, there are questions relating to the server. These are 100% optional and do not have to be filled out multiple times. All GM questions must be answered.

Hokutens: GM Interaction Survey

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